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4 Golden Eggs
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

It all began last autumn when Max lost a top front tooth and the Tooth Fairy visited. Max left a note for her with a request for a "cat bobble head". Yes, a cat bobble head.  The Tooth Fairy searched and searched for a cat bobble head. There are none to be easily found ~ plenty of dog bobble heads. So, as any good Tooth Fairy's should do, she left a note apologizing for her inability.
This note greatly pleased Max and the three golden coins helped too.

Fast forward to winter. Now both Benjamin and Charlotte are losing baby teeth. They have begun to write notes to the Tooth Fairy too and being the BEST Tooth Fairy ever, she writes notes back.
It began simple enough. Thank you notes for the money or gift left under the pillow. Love notes really.
Then one night, the Tooth Fairy (ours is named Klepta Dente) forgot to retrieve Charlotte's tooth! Disaster! The tooth fairy, I think, had the flu.
Charlotte cried. Klepta Dente felt terrible. How could the Tooth Fairy forget a tooth?! Charlotte wrote a note. "Dear Tooth Fairy, I was upset because I didn't get a gift. So please, please know where I put...it's going to be under my pillow. XOXO You're the best tooth fairy. From Charlotte."
Klepta Dente had to write a note back apologizing yet once again for being so daft. "Dear Charlotte, I am sorry I missed your tooth last night. It was a very busy night for me. Thank you for your lovely white tooth. I love you. Tooth Fairy ~ Klepta Dente."
Charlotte received a Hello Kitty travel toothbrush and she was happy again.
She even wrote a thank you note for the toothbrush.
"Dear Tooth Fairy, Thank you for the awesome toothbrush. I love it so much. from Charlotte."
Whew! Maybe the Tooth Fairy would get some rest at night. Not so, soon Benjamin lost a baby tooth and Klepta Dente was on duty again.
This time Benjamin left a note and a gift with his tooth. I'll have to translate because he is still learning how to spell (first grade). 
"Dear Tooth Fairy, I would like to see a picture of you. And are you the best tooth fairy? From Ben. P.S. I wish I could see you and where you live. I love you more than Christmas."
Oh boy! Here's Klepta Dente ~ Tooth Fairy extraordinaire's reply.
"Dear Ben, Thank you. I think I am the best Tooth Fairy. I am shy and don't like my picture taken but, I will see what I can do. I love you more than Christmas too! Klepta Dente."
I was praying that this would be the end of the notes. No more baby teeth were lost.  Benjamin with his inquisitive mind couldn't let it go. He continued to write notes. And leave money. I guess he believes the Tooth Fairy needs money to give to other kids or to buy gifts. Right. 
"Dear Tooth Fairy, my tooth is wiggly it bothers me at school. I think it is going to fall out soon like maybe possibly Monday. I love you. Benjamin.  P. S. What's your phone number?"
Oh boy! How could the Tooth Fairy keep from laughing at that one. He wants a phone number!
Then, randomly, our oldest lost a baby tooth. 
The tooth fairy was on duty again. She being "The Best Tooth Fairy Ever", decided to leave gifts for all four precious children.
They loved their flowers.
Then more notes came.
And a picture too. This one had a fortune cookie on it. Klepta Dente ate it with hot tea. Delicious.
Klepta Dente HAD to respond.

Then the questions came.
Ben: "Are fairies real?"
Me:  "I'm not sure but, many people believe they are."
Ben: "I think they are real. Have people seen them?"
Me: "Um, maybe. (Then I remembered a movie I had watched a number of years ago ~ Fairy Tale A True Story). There is a movie about two girl cousins who took pictures of fairies long ago in England." 
Big mistake!
Ben: "Can we see it?"
Me: "Okay, let's see if it's on Netflix."
We tried and it can be rented but, we have the streaming option instead and there it is not offered.
Me: "I bet Auntie Trese knows. She knows about things like this."
So, we called Auntie Trese. Auntie Trese says we need a "seeing stone" like in Spiderwick
Benjamin headed right out into the nighttime snow in search of a "seeing stone". I had to tell him to come back in and that the next time we were at the beach or near a lake that we could look for one. 
It's a natural rock with a hole in the middle.
We then watched the most adorable Tooth Fairy sighting on You tube (you can watch it here). 
Ben and Charlotte wrote yet another note last night.
"Dear Tooth Fairy, Charlotte and I was going to see if we could see you some day. We love you 900000000...(you get the idea) so much. Love Charlotte and Ben."
Oh boy! How was Klepta Dente going to slow this pony down?
Light bulb!
Here's the note they received last night.
"Dear Charlotte and Ben, I thank you for your kind words and lovely notes. No human has ever seen me. I don't dare. I may turn into dust and that would be absolutely terrible. I love you both just the same. Klepta Dente."
We'll see how that works.
Klepta Dente is tired! 
Klepta Dente needs sleep!


  1. How adorable. And you have a very busy and yes, tired fairy at your house. She should get the tooth fairy foreman to leave a note saying that Denta has other obligations she needs to attend to or she will not make her quota this year. If she keeps writing letters and not collecting other teeth, she may have to retire....I don't know, with elves or something. Good luck.

  2. One never knows how far a little creative imagination can go; in the hands of kindred spirits it begins to write its own story. We don't want Klepta Dente to turn into dust that the wind could scatter. Once they are older and all the baby teeth have been lost, your children will have such good and lasting memories of their loving mother and happy childhood. I love Auntie Trese's Seeing Stone~~someone else with some imagination.
    Grammie B.

  3. I will keep a look out for a cat bobble head. (If you found a bobble head and also found a cat head maybe you could do the old swith-a-roonie and take the head off a non-discript bobble head and replace (E-6000 glue use it OUTSIDE the fumes are bad but it's the best glue) it with some kind of a cat head?!) Just a thought...
    me again
    =^..^= meow

  4. the tooth fairy must be really tierd!


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