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4 Golden Eggs
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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Heaviness of Life

My dear friend Mark...
We've known each other since High School. He is a year younger than me. We were in the same Drama class and had the same friends. When our school performed the musical Snoopy, I was Lucy Van Pelt and he played my little brother Linus. We were close. 
I was the last of five children and always longed for a little brother. He was the oldest of two boys and always longed for a big sister.
We were that for each other.
Mark became a hero. He is a firefighter, an engineer and paramedic. He saves lives every day. Mark married Stephanie, the love of his life. They have two sons Sean and Dillon. 
Stephanie is golden. She loves people, her animals and the outdoors. She is the type of person who others are drawn to. Strong, intelligent, joyful and determined. 
When Mark met Stephanie years ago, he was so smitten. He called to tell me about this beautiful girl he had just met. 
A few years later I was at their wedding. They glowed. One could tell that this would be a marriage that would last. They were tender and kind with each other. Respectful.
Life was good. Then. 
Stephanie was diagnosed with anal cancer. 

A few days ago this is what Mark wrote:
Thanks to all. The boys and I know and appreciate all of the Support, Blessings and Love. Stephanie  has had a very challenging(to say the least) Adventure Race. She is nearing the end of this journey calmly but with periods of fight. I don't know where the finish line is for her but its near. Please continue thinking and praying for her and use her strength as an example for you in your every endeavor. Kiss hug and Love your children always. I will try to continue updating as I can. Summas Exicutio Subter Quivas Status.

We prayed. 

We prayed more. Then yesterday we got the news...

Stephanie lost her battle with Anal Cancer today at Noon. The Boys and I want to thank everyone for the incredible support and love we have received.

Please remember Mark and their young sons Sean and Dillon in your prayers.


  1. I have never commented on a blog before, but today I am compelled to send you a message. You see, I know Mark and Stephanie, Dillon and Sean. My oldest son, James, went to preschool with Sean, and over the years the boys have played on the same t-ball and soccer teams, several seasons with Stephanie as their coach. She was a wonderful, driven, fun-loving, bright light in our lives, and will be sorely missed. Our entire community is grieving the loss of this dynamic woman, and we are all rallying in support of Mark, Sean, and Dillon. Our lives will not be the same without her.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. Dear Becky,
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I was so surprised to read your note and so moved. Tears stream down my face. I am so glad that you know Mark, Stephanie, Sean and Dillon. It warms my heart that Mark and their boys are so loved and will be supported through the loss of Stephanie. I am amazed, at times, at how God works in mysterious ways. I had no idea that anyone who knows my dear friends would be reading my blog. Thank you for connecting with me and sharing in the grief. I wish I could reach across the 3,000 miles that separate us and give you a hug. The death of Stephanie will leave a gaping wound in the hearts of many and her absence will be felt for lifetimes.

  4. Hello, my dearest sister. I remember you being in the Snoopy play years ago and I wasn't sure if Mark was Linus or Snoopy. I am so sorry his beautiful wife Stephanie has left this life. Dads and sons count so much on what mom's and wives do for them on a daily basis. It will be a hard adjustment for all of them. I am amazed at Becky finding your blog..it is a small world. I am so glad she left such a beautiful comment to help you have a heartfelt connection to her and to remember Mark and Stephanie by.
    Maybe you can connect more on Facebook.
    I am sorry for your loss of an extended friendship from years ago.

  5. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find you at this blog...and I'm saddened to read this post...a little too close to home for me, as my dearest of friends Patrick just passed five months ago..(I have a post for him on my blog). In the meantime, I am very sorry for your loss.

    This man, your friend, Sean, has a beautiful energy coming from his smile, he and his wife radiate love...he's going to take care of his boys, and they will all be better for knowing someone like Stephanie. Again, I'm so very sorry for you all, for losing someone so special...she was lucky to know all of you it seems...june

  6. I'm sorry, I made a mistake, his name is Mark...sorry about that, june

  7. Stephanie's service this afternoon was absolutely beautiful. It was held in one of the lodges at the ski slopes where they spent so much of their time as a family. It was standing room only, as snow gently fell outside the windows, and you could feel the love and support in the room. Mark spoke beautifully, lovingly, and eloquently about his life with Stephanie, her love for their boys, and her desire for them to "Keep living life." Mark, Sean, and Dillon are heading out snowshoeing this afternoon with friends, I think it is a wonderful tribute to wonderful woman.

  8. Dearest Becky,
    thank you so very much for leaving such a lovely comment. i am so glad you could be there. i can hear Marks voice talking about his love. it is good to know that they are still embracing life. it is a wonderful tribute to Steph!
    i have been hesitant to blog a new post. grieving time. your note feels like permission to write again. thank you dear one. ~ r


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