4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
our children

Monday, January 23, 2012


Sometimes I really look at my life. You know, those moments when time slows down and I see what is memorable. It usually happens when I'm not searching for it. 
Often I am focused on just getting through the day doing the things that all good moms are supposed to do. I am focused on making sure our children are safe, fed, clothed, loved and hopefully learning something. I am usually so focused on the menial tasks of the day that I don't take the time to really see. 

It's those moments when I just am and not trying to be that time slows and I actually see the beauty in my life. I am so thankful. I know we all have gone through tough times. Times of loss, times of grief, times of injury and even illness. None of us are immune to the human experience. 
I have held dying children in my arms. I have lost my own. I have grieved because of years of infertility. I know what I have. I know how God has blessed me and I don't take it for granted. I appreciate what I have. It was a very painful and long journey to have what I have. I cherish my life. 
I cherish our children. Yes, they are a lot of work. Yes, they push me to my limits. Yes, sometimes I worry about who they will become. Yes, they bring me to my breaking point at times. I know some adults who do the same.
Having four children so close in age is a lot of work. There is always something to clean, wash, fix, do, teach, pick up, make. There are hugs to give, tears to wipe away, matching socks to find, decisions to make, books to read, words to define, food to make, projects to do and clean up. 
The times they remember and love the most are the times when we are not doing but, rather being. 


  1. Thank goodness for Sometimes! :)

  2. Love the photos, appreciate the thoughts, the Awareness!
    XO Mother

  3. Love to all of you, my sister. The journey is long, it seems even longer when you are a child. The blissful days of childhood seemed like golden years to me that would never end. It seems I spent 50 years as a child and now the last 30 have flown by in a blur of business and serious life stuff...some fun is thrown in there just to keep my sanity. It's not about being brave, it's just hanging in there day after day, like the snake in Harry Potter who escaped from the zoo...finally. Ah, yes...I have to keep my humor in tack as that is how I keep my sanity. Always being there for your children is a God given gift to mother's...no matter how tedious it gets...as children growing up we didn't really realize how many sacrifices our parents made for us in order for us to exist...to eat...to have a warm place to sleep...to go to school...to play...to learn. Reminds me of the Lion King...'The Circle of Life.' Waxing eloquent here. I will miss your Rainbow blog but I know it will remain in OZ for your magical return.


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