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4 Golden Eggs
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grandma and the "Lice"

We had David's parents visiting from California recently. It was somewhat of an unexpected visit. When they last visited, back in June, we thought that would be their last visit to our home here in Massachusetts. We thought our home would be sold by now and we'd see them again in Saint Paul. They can't bear to be without their four grandchildren too long.
Some friends of ours loaned us blankets and pillows and we made do with what we have remaining in our "empty" home.  It was good to see them. Grandma Sonnie seems to end up doing surgery on fluffy lovies and Charlotte loves her stuffed bunny. Thankfully, I had some thread and a needle.
Charlotte loves her Grandma Sonnie. They had the cutest conversation in the bathroom. Grandma Sonnie was combing her hair and uses a lot of hairspray to give it some lift and keep it in place.  Charlotte noticed some white flakes on the comb and shook her head and said, very matter of fact,  "Hmm, hmm, Grandma Sonnie it's lice. Yes, lice."
Grandma Sonnie laughed and told Charlotte that is was just her dried hairspray on the comb. Charlotte, thankfully believed her.


  1. Hmmm, you say that as if you aren't quite sure that YOU believe Grandma Sonnie, lol! I completely understand, grandmas can't go too long without our grandchild 'fix.' (I love your new banner photo -- priceless!)

  2. I love the photo of Charlotte's "admirers!" Darling photo of the four!
    And it is nice that she got her stuffed animal repaired: that is one thing Grandma's are good for! Love the photos of the two of them.
    Always in prayer that your family will be reunited in MN in not too distant future!
    XOXO Mother, Grammie B.

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