4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
our children

Monday, December 26, 2011

Grandpa's Hands ~ A Poem inspired by Bill Withers

Grandpa's hands raised in church on Sunday morning. Grandpa's hands holds another when praying, drops a dollar in red kettles, can hold a tender petal, knows when not to meddle. Grandpa's hands.
Grandpa's hands used to issue out a warning. He'd say, "Baby don't you climb that high, might fall down from the sky". "Might be bad boys at that dance; don't go wearing those tight pants". Grandpa's hands.

Grandpa's hands held a brand new baby. Grandpa's hands get so dry and crackly; get greased up with corn husker's cream. Always smell so soft and clean. Grandpa's hands.
 Grandpa's hands turned the velum page with care, underlined and notes everywhere. Used to whisper in the ear, "I'm your grandpa and I care; put your life in Jesus care, he's the answer anywhere. Grandpa's hands.

Grandpa's hands used to write me letters; drive to see me in any weather; buy me gifts from any store. Life is not like it was before. I don't have Grandpa anymore. 

When I get to Heaven's door, I will look for the one I adore. Grandpa's hands. 

Written by me (Rebecca Howell Gibson) to honor Donal Howell Sr. (Aug. 1928 ~ April 1997)
and Thomas Gibson Sr. (Oct 1928 ~ still alive and kicking)
Inspired by a song written by Bill Withers ~ Grandma's Hands

Friday, December 16, 2011

Making Much From Little

Our children have impressed me. In late July, the movers came and packed up all our house-hold items (including their toys).
The movers left behind many cardboard boxes and rolls of packing tape.
Our Max decided to make masks from the ends of the cardboard boxes.
The others joined in and came up with some unique creations.
They have had fun with their homemade masks.
I couldn't figure out what Grant's was. He told me today that it is, "An Electric Ghost". Okay. I'm not sure what that is exactly but, okay. Cool.

 Boo!  Zap!
I believe that Max is a genius. Maybe it's because I am his Mommy but, that boy has a mind that is impressive. Also, he is good at making much from little. He is also good at inspiring his brothers and sister to join him in the creative process.
Believe me, our children are not suffering from lack of toys. It has had the opposite effect. They are even more creative with what remains in our home. 
I don't miss the days of cleaning the playroom! Now I get to pick up pieces of cardboard and balls of packing tape instead.
Give a child a cardboard box as a gift. The creative ideas are endless.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am thankful for

the randomness of life. I begin most days preparing breakfast and lunch for our four children. They each have their specific sandwich requests and usually breakfast request too. Some times I feel like a short-order cook. If we are running late, cereal is the only item on the breakfast menu.
The boys usually begin their day in front of our fireplace with their Lego bricks and characters. 
Charlotte and Benjamin love to help me in the kitchen.
Charlotte is the best at arm farts. She has excelled at the practice and it has become an art form. "Da-da-da-da-fart-fart-fart-fart..." You get the idea.  
Recently, I acquired a used washing machine from our children's school vice principal. 
 The vice-principal felt sorry for me and knew of my need for a little  help and randomly blessed me with this well used washing machine. It works well! On warmer days, I'll hang the wash out on our deck. Recently, I've been hanging the clothes on a rack the movers failed to pack when they packed up all our belongings back at the end of July. 
I came home this week to a business card from a detective at our local police department stuck to our side garage door. Of course, I panicked. What had I done wrong? Was my husband in some sort of trouble or dead?! Yikes! I called right away, not noticing the note he'd written on the back of his card, "Please call so we can set up a time to install a dryer". 
Yes, there are still acts of random kindness between strangers. I cried. With four children all under the age of 10, laundry can pile up quickly. They missed the soft bath towels and non-crunchy blue jeans; they didn't say anything about it and maybe I missed it more for them than they did. It also takes a few days to dry a favorite blanket in autumn. I am so thankful for this new/used dryer. Detective Greathead (yes, that's his super-hero name) and his plumbing friend installed it yesterday. I asked him how he found out about our family and our recent challenges and he said, "The school nurse Linda told me." I've done three loads of laundry already. It's a luxury to have fluffy towels again. 
My beloved got his Master's Degree! One perk of unemployment is he was able to have the "extra" time to finish up his degree. He began working on this degree while employed, using the benefit his company offered for educational reimbursement. He was almost done with his degree when his company was purchased by a foreign company and over time all employees were dismissed and the factory here closed. I am thankful for his parents who decided to pay the remaining costs so he could complete what he began a number of years ago. 
I am thankful for our oldest son Grant who is so happy when Daddy comes home from his job in MN to visit us for a while
and feels so sad when Daddy has to leave again.
I love that they have that kind of Father-Son bond.
I am thankful that we can enjoy the times in between.

I am thankful that our children are healthy and happy.
I am thankful that eventually our home will sell here so we can buy one in Minnesota and all be together as a family again. 
I am thankful for you.