4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Making Much From Little

Our children have impressed me. In late July, the movers came and packed up all our house-hold items (including their toys).
The movers left behind many cardboard boxes and rolls of packing tape.
Our Max decided to make masks from the ends of the cardboard boxes.
The others joined in and came up with some unique creations.
They have had fun with their homemade masks.
I couldn't figure out what Grant's was. He told me today that it is, "An Electric Ghost". Okay. I'm not sure what that is exactly but, okay. Cool.

 Boo!  Zap!
I believe that Max is a genius. Maybe it's because I am his Mommy but, that boy has a mind that is impressive. Also, he is good at making much from little. He is also good at inspiring his brothers and sister to join him in the creative process.
Believe me, our children are not suffering from lack of toys. It has had the opposite effect. They are even more creative with what remains in our home. 
I don't miss the days of cleaning the playroom! Now I get to pick up pieces of cardboard and balls of packing tape instead.
Give a child a cardboard box as a gift. The creative ideas are endless.


  1. Fabulous masks! Those are my favorite times with my grandkids, too, when toys are put aside and we rely on our own silly creativity. I hope those will be times with me that they will remember, just as I hope your children will remember this as a time when they blossomed. ('love all the critters, and an electric ghost sounds VERY scary.)

  2. God bless the creative children! Hearkening back to the austere days some previous generations once lived. THINK Laura Ingalls Wilder. I like the holes Max cut for his hands. "Bored" is not in this family's language! <3
    Grammie B. . .Mother

  3. I do not want to leave before telling how Beautiful, and oh, so femenine Charlotte's kitty is! Just as she is! Somehow her blue kitty brings out the blue-gray of her eyes! Which reminds me: Max black animal's eyes are great! Ben's looks kind and tender hearted as is he. Grant's: Well That looks just like an electric ghost to me! Grammie B misses each one

  4. This is sooo sweet! Bless your precious children.
    I adore Charlotte's cat and the colors she chose.
    How fun to draw masks on cardboard boxes! Yes, sheer genius for Max. Yes, it is because YOU are his mommy...I quite agree. Hee! hee!
    This is great! Congratulations on all of the critters and the electric ghost...so cool!
    Auntie Teresa


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