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4 Golden Eggs
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Reading In The Dark

Our triplets are in first grade and have begun to read books on their own. All four of our children have discovered the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series.

They all love to read. They love to be read to as well.
Recently I found these wonderful Coleman LED mini headlamps at our local Walmart store. They had them in four colors. Perfect. 

Pink for Charlotte, blue for Benjamin, green for Max and black for Grant.
Grant is sick. On Wednesday the school nurse called and said she thought he had an ear infection. I drove over with the pup and picked him up. He did not look well. Dark circles under his eyes and a little green in the face. I called his pediatrician right away and thankfully they could get us right in.
On the way, he threw up in the van. We had an airsickness bag from Grandpa and Grandma so he used that for the next few times.
Poor guy, we walked into the doctor's office with him holding the partially full bag. 
We didn't wait long in the waiting room but, then we waited forever in the examining room. I finally stuck my head out the door and mentioned that I would need to leave soon to be home in time to get our triplets off the school bus.
I could hear a doctor chit-chatting away in the room right next to ours. Sure enough, it was the doctor who was scheduled to see Grant. I started feeling frustrated because we had been scheduled to be seen at 2:10 and now it was 2:40!
I think the gal at the front desk said something to the doctor because she came in soon after I said I was going to have to leave.
Grant has a bad ear infection and possibly pneumonia too. 
We got him on an antibiotic and thankfully he's kept the medicine down. He's been sleeping and hanging out on the sofa since Wednesday afternoon.
While we were in the doctor's office, the dog must have eaten the vomit because the van smelled a little better when we got back. Dogs are good for many reasons.
We made it home just in time for the trio to get off the bus.
Grant has been reading this book every night. You can find it here.
Here is another book worth reading! 


  1. I hope Grant feels better soon, and that the rest of you avoid the bug!

  2. Love the head flashlights! Really cool fun for the kiddos~


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