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4 Golden Eggs
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Afternoon at Plum Cove

We live (well I and our four children do) in one of the most beautiful and diverse states in our country. I knew very little of Massachusetts when living in Southern California for most of my life. I had often been asked if I was from the East Coast probably because of the New York sense of style I adopted after college but, that was about it. 
Nine years ago my husband was offered a promotion with the company he worked for. The promotion was only available if he was willing to relocate to the East Coast. 
Our oldest was only an infant at the time and we would be leaving our family and friends and taking the only grandchild from first-time grandparents. It was a challenging decision but an overriding desire for adventure, change and a trust in God moved us forward.
In the nine years that we have lived here I have grown to love the people of New England. For the most part, they are generous, loyal, kind and very welcoming. We had been told that New England people were cold and hard to get close to. That has been far from the truth. 
We have made some close friendships. Enduring friendships. 
We have gotten to know our fair state, known as a Commonwealth, pretty well. We have visited the Norman Rockwell Museum nestled in the Berkshires in Stockbridge; we've traversed Concord where the beginning of the American Revolutionary War began; we have held jelly fish in our hands in Chatham ~ Cape Cod; we have walked the Freedom Trail in Boston.
A few years ago my husband found this little cove in Gloucester called Plum Cove. It looks out on Ipswich Bay and is so peaceful.
In summer we have sunbathed and snorkeled. In winter we wander collecting sea glass and the children climb the rocks in search of higher views. 
The locals bring their dogs and so we do too. They stop and talk about everything from politics to the weather. They share sea glass hunting tips and correct us when we pronounce the town's name incorrectly. "It's Gloustah, like lobstah", they say. We laugh and add it to our list of frequently mis-pronounced names. 
We love it here.
We wish there were more employment opportunities for my husband here so we could stay.
Minnesota calls to us. We know very little about Minnesota. We have been told by New Englanders that it is cold there. Very cold. We've watched a few movies filmed in Minnesota and know they sound different than we do but, so do the natives here. 
Maybe we will find that state to be just as diverse and beautiful. Maybe we will make enduring friendships there too. 
Maybe we will love it and hate to leave if the time comes.
We lowered the price on our home. Our realtor tells us that the market may pick up some. We are hopeful but, we are also thankful for the extended time we have had here. 
I didn't think I'd see Plum Cove again. I had said, "goodbye" six months ago. What a gift to be here again and find sea glass and watch as our children explore the rocks along the edge of the cove and see our Pup play with his new found furry friends Georgia and Picasso and Palin. 

We were also able to introduce our little cove to David's parents and they began searching for sea glass too. 

In small moments like these, life is sweet. 

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  1. What a beautiful place. Minnesota is the land of a thousand lakes, isn't it? I can't wait to see what wonders you find there.


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