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4 Golden Eggs
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Charlotte's Punch and Judy Show

Our Charlotte is a unique one. She lives with three brothers and is our only girl. She doesn't really like to play with dolls (especially if they look human-like). In fact, a number of years ago, I was with our triplets in a "Celebration Army" store and found three Gerber baby dolls for sale. I picked them up thinking that our kids might like to have them. As I walked toward the shopping cart, they were all sitting in, they developed this look of horror. I could see them withdraw inward as their little heads drew toward their necks and they all became very quiet the closer I got with the dolls in my arms.
I said, "Look! Aren't these wonderful baby dolls to play with?"
They all said, in unison, "No Mommy. No!"
So, that was that. No baby dolls.
Stuffed animals on the other hand...we have a zoo full. 
Their beds are filled with Hello Kitty, bunnies, puppies, dragons, dinosaurs, kitty-cats, teddy bears, birdies, frogs,. The list of  stuffed "friends" is a long one.

My dear friend, Rhonda, found American Dolls in a box (free stuff by the side of the road) and she thought of our Charlotte. I gratefully accepted the box of dolls with the hope that sometime in the near future Charlotte may change her mind. I've heard that these American Dolls are expensive and dearly loved by many little girls.

Instead, Charlotte informed me last week that she would like to learn Karate when we move to Minnesota. Can you say, "Hi-yah"?

Here is her version of the Mr. Punch and Judy show.

Punch: "Here, take that!"
Judy: "Ahhhh..."
Punch: "Ouch, that hurts."
Judy: "You're a big baby."
Punch: "Ahhhh, hrumph, pow!"
Judy: collapses and then regains consciousness.
Judy: "Ahhh, hi-yah, pow!"
Punch: collapses and then regains consciousness.
They both hug and all is okay.
The show begins again with,
Punch: "Hello"!
Judy: "Good-bye".
                                            She is pleased as punch with herself.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, what a charming blog! Dearest, I am amazed at how much we DO HAVE IN COMMON! I moved from L.A. to Massachusetts to go to school, then 14 years ago moved here to the Twin Cities. IT IS WONDERFUL. However, it is like PLUTO in terms of the weather!

    I would love to correspond with you and alay any concerns about moving here. Are you moving the Minneapolis/St. Paul? NO FEARS...awesome cities, lots to do, great Christian communities. Email me:



  2. Rebecca, do come around and I will be glad to tell you about Minnesota! Anita


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