4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snow in April

 Yes, on the first of April it snowed. I kept hoping the prognosticators were just joking; that it wouldn't snow; that it would be in the balmy 70's.

 They were not joking. It snowed. And snowed, and snowed.

These are the views from our kitchen.

 What do children do when it snows that much? They build snowmen and then knock them over!
Do you notice they build them without gloves?

The best remedy for cold hands is hot cocoa with two marshmallows and whipped cream. 
Don't forget the straw!

Invite your friend to join you. Hot cocoa is best shared with others.

Spring, where are you? You were trying to emerge a week ago. 

Please return soon.


  1. You had a lot more fun with that nasty snow than I did. I just watched it out the window and thought, a lot, about crying. It rained like crazy a few days later and washed it all away so my tears would have been wasted! Just a few little ugly clumps are left. And I hope that'll be it for the year!

  2. Grammie B is happy to see photos of her grandchildren having such fun in the snow! Love seeing them having hot cocoa too. Charlotte's hair looks so pretty tied in back with a red bow! Love those 4!


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