4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Back!

It has been a while since I last posted. Those of you who have been faithful to continue following me, thank you! "Every journey begins with a single step".

We have been on quite a journey these past 3 years. My husband found a good job in MN and he moved away from me and our four children in MA to begin work. We put our home on the market in MA and waited. A year later, we finally got an offer and said, "Goodbye" to our home with 2 acres, our friends and neighbors and we packed up the last of our things in two cars, our four kids, our dog and two old cats, and headed West to MN. I will tell you about traveling across half of a country with two cats and four kids next time!

 We will never say "goodbye" to the memories that were created in those 10 years. 

We are now reunited as a family in MN.
We found a foreclosed home in a charming town North of the  "Twin Cities". It needs some work, but I think in time we will make it feel like ours. 
Our four children are adjusting very well to the changes we have been through. I think children have a better way of coping with change than we adults do. 

They have made school and neighbor friends easily. They have each other as well; and I have them. They have become my closest friends through this journey.
I grieve "home". Home had become the East Coast for me. Even though I was born in Southern California and lived most of my life there. There is something magical (I don't think that is the right word) about New England.

I feel like I grew more in New England than I ever did in So. Cal. (I definitely weigh more)!
Of course, I experienced some monumental things in our 10 years in Massachusetts. This may play a role in my love for this area of our country.
We are now in the Mid-West. I wonder what kind of transforming experiences we will have here?
Seeking the blessings in the journey, Rebecca 


  1. Welcome back, and thanks for taking us along as you make this next part of your journey! :)

  2. I'm so glad you told me you had written a couple of new posts on your blog. Maybe you can begin posting photos of the new photo group you are now in.
    I enjoyed this post, and I know it will be different in Minnesota than in New England...kind of like 'Little House on the Prairie'. New adventures around the corner.
    love you!


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