4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cape Ann ~ Gloucester, Massachusetts in Winter

In yesterday's post I promised photos of our afternoon in Cape Ann. We went to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester. It is located along the northern coast of Massachusetts and is one of the earliest settlements (1623) in our fair state.
Our children are standing on the most prominent geological feature, a large rock sixty feet high and two hundred feet wide. It gives us panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding fishing village.

The waves gently break on smooth stones and trees grow out of the larger boulders above. There are winding trails through the rocks and a wonderful playground at the park near the large rock. Our children loved being in the rocks and woods above the sea.  Max found a hollow in an old tree and claimed it as his own. 

It was a quiet time there by the sea in winter. No snow on the ground but, cold enough to wear our winter gear. I found a nice piece of pale blue sea glass. I want to come back to this place again. There is something restorative about the sea for me. I love the smooth stones, the dragon art on a huge rock, the sea glass, the trees growing out of rocks and all the winding trails above the sea. Magical.  Healing really. 

Our children want to return too. I'm hoping the next warm and non-scheduled day to head back. Max can reclaim his tree home. Grant will fight the enemy. Ben and Charlotte will create imaginary scenarios and play them out and I will search for more sea glass and enjoy the solitude together with them. 


  1. The hollowed out tree is amazing! What a fascinating place to be at the ocean. The smooth stones and trees look like a perfect place for children to play.
    And the last photo is picture perfect~
    Oh, and in your previous blog the colorful lichen is incredible!

  2. What wonderful photos you share, this last post before this one as well...haven't been around for a while, am catching up...glad I stopped by...thx, june


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