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4 Golden Eggs
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Twig ~ A Book We Love

My dear friend Rhonda introduced me to this wonderful book by Elizabeth Orton Jones called Twig. It is a delightful book. Our four children would beg me to read another chapter each night. Even our 9 year old son enjoyed the story.
Twig is a little girl who lives on the fourth floor of a "high sort of house" in the city. One day Twig finds an empty tomato can and places it upside down in the bare back yard. She thinks it looks like a pretty little house perfect for a fairy. A fairy queen shows up and is wearing a fur around her neck. There is an elf, a couple of sparrows with eggs, ready to hatch, in a nest, Old Boy the ice-wagon horse, Old Girl the cat, Lord Buzzle Cobb-Webb a magician and humans too. The story is full of magic, fun and fantasy interwoven with reality. It is a tender story and encourages imagination.

Elizabeth Orton Jones captured the innocence of childhood in such a precious way in this tender story. I highly recommend it. She wrote and illustrated this book in 1942. Miss Jones was born in 1910 in Highland Park, Illinois. In the early 40's she moved to a house in Mason, New Hampshire. She bought her first house with her first royalty check from this well loved book.
She named her new house Pickity Place. Miss Jones passed away in 2005 at the age of 95. Pickity Place is a charming place. It is still open today with a gift store, cafe and garden.
In the story Twig, the Fairy Queen is wearing a fur. Elf is very interested in this fur and calls to it, "Here Kitty-Kitty". The fur crawls away. It is a fuzzy caterpillar. When Charlotte found a fuzzy caterpillar this week, she was thrilled.
Max named it "Kitty-Kitty". Charlotte made sure her new friend was safely returned to our backyard after I told her, "No, we can't keep Kitty-Kitty".

What are some books you enjoyed reading or having read to you when you were a child?
My mother and sisters read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to me and when I was old enough, I read them to myself. My siblings also read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings aloud while we took road trips. J R R Tolkien remains one of my favorite authors to this day. I also loved Nancy Drew mysteries in my pre-teen years. If you want to know more about these books or authors, follow the links. Here's another great book for kids and adults ~ The Dragon of Cripple Creek. It is an intelligent read, with adventure, mystery, and moral. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I miss you!
    These photos of the children are adorable, and what a sweet book 'Twig' must be.

  2. Oh it feels good to come here; I grew up in Mass., or rather, I was born and raised in L.A., but lived a huge portion of my adult life there and GREW UP with my husband while managing a job and going through a Ph.D. for him and a master's for me...Rebecca dearest, THANK YOU FOR VISITING TODAY! And those catepillars....eeeeewwwwww! But I have never seen ANY LIKE the ones I would see in MASS.!!!

    BIG HUGS and GOD BLESS, Anita


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