4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Monday, October 31, 2011

First Snow

Just last week we were enjoying our autumn weather and the peak of foliage here in New England. It was getting cooler and we enjoyed evenings and mornings in front of our fireplace.
Then, a dusting of snow greeted us a few nights ago. Our children loved being in the dark of the night watching the snow lightly fall on their faces. That light snow melted by the next midday.
This past Saturday afternoon it began snowing and snowed all night and by yesterday morning it had stopped. The weight of the wet snow broke many tree limbs and caused power outages throughout our state. We were fortunate to have power but, three large tree limbs were broken from two of our trees and one of our pine trees bent down to the ground. Thankfully, I still have my pink rain boots and so I doubled my socks, left on my fleece pajama bottoms and pulled on flared jeans over those and went out to start moving the branches to our back bog. Then I began to shovel the wet snow from our driveway. I was listening to our neighbors snow blow their driveways and was hoping one would be a good neighbor and help me out (I am without a husband or snow blower and no winter gear right now) but, none did.

I was about a quarter of the way through and family friends of ours from church showed up with snow shovels and mittens for the kids. Grant and Max had been wearing socks over their hands and they were so happy to now have warm, dry mittens to wear. The four of us shoveled our driveway in no time and the boys carried the heaviest limb out to the back pile of wood.
The Thompson's are wonderful, quirky people. They have hearts of gold and were our true neighbors yesterday. We thank God for them.
It's nice to know that I have help when I need it and help even when I didn't ask for it.
I was willing to clear the snow and clean up the yard on my own but, it was sure nice to have help!

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  1. I am so happy you had help from some dear friends from church to help you shovel snow and help with the heavier load of tree limbs. I think hard times really show who your true friends are. Thank you for posting the sweet photos.


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