4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
our children

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter happenings

I love the art projects our kids make during the winter months. The trio's kindergarten teacher gets creative with paper, paint, clothespins, pipe cleaners, glue, glitter, googly eyes, cotton balls...

Here we are enjoying our turkey dinner compliments of our local food bank (we are in our 16th month of unemployment). The kids love our "formal" sit down suppers and the conversations with them are priceless. They enjoyed drinking apple cider and toasting one another. "Chink-chink". My Beloved had an interview today with a company up the road from us. He has had more interest recently and we are really hopeful in this new year. He has an interview in Ohio next week. 

Our three cats come out of hiding around 8 PM.
That is when the decibel level in our home goes back to a normal range because the kids are sleeping quietly in bed. Our fireplace is in use. I sit in front of it with our feline companions and blog.

Here's our "Cha-Cha Dove" enjoying the delicious turkey supper.

Grant has become an avid reader and he will read aloud to his younger brothers and sister. The Magic Tree House Series has become his favorite. If he's not reading, he's playing with Lego's or Wii. Also, he has become a Star Wars expert. I think he's getting most of his information from classmates at school. I know very little about Star Wars.

Grandpa Tom is healing after his open heart surgery. Grandma Sonnie and Grandpa Tom usually head out from California to visit every four months or so. They were here in Summer. Hopefully we will be able to see them again in the Spring. Grandpa Tom hasn't been given the okay to fly yet. So, Skype is a wonderful way to keep in touch. They also call us each Sunday night. They've been faithful to call us each week since we married back in 1991. 

Here's a quirky Skype photo of them talking to us.

We are due for more snow tomorrow night. We'll stay warm and cozy inside. What are you and yours doing this winter? Send me a note :) I'd love to hear from you. Yes, you!


  1. Hi Rebecca
    I will pray your hubby finds work soon... the Lord has something special for him. It will all work for the good and will come together just as we trust in Him. He is never in a hurry and it is in His timing... that is usually the hard part :)
    Love your new blog, I can hardly keep up with the one, I do have the other one and need to post something on there once in awhile.
    Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with His love and abundance for you and your family.

  2. what beautiful pics of your kids and I love your fat, sleepy kitty! I will say prayers for your family I know that 2011 will pick up in the job market and things will get better for you soon! (((HUGS)))

  3. You have a very beautiful family. Hoping this year will bring a great job for your hubby!
    I didn't know about the sunflowers facing ready for the sun. Like they have memory, which is amazing.
    Loads of love!

  4. It sure looks cold there! I have never lived anywhere where it snows. It looks very pretty.

    Your children absolutely beautiful. I agree with you that kindergarten teachers are wonderful - I wish I had half their creativity.

    All the best for your husband's job interviews. I hope he finds something really soon.



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