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4 Golden Eggs
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brrr! Cold Day

Here in New England, we have been getting hit with snow storms, ice or freezing rain. The temperatures have been low. Last week, with the wind chill factor, it was -26 degrees Fahrenheit one night. BRR! 
The typical snow day consists of our children staying home from school. The school will call with a recorded message the night before, or at 5:30 AM, to notify us of the school closing or a two hour delay. The children are thrilled with snow days. I'm not always so thrilled. 

What a snow day represents for me: Helping four children find matching gloves and boots, hats, long socks and their own snow suits and jackets.
Then, helping dress these children in bulky snow gear.  This takes at least half an hour with the last child deciding to go out by the time the first one is coming back in because the dog stole their glove or knocked them over into a snow drift.

When one of these cold, snow covered children comes back into the house, they bring with them snow. Snow falls onto the floor, gets stuck in the folds of the snow gear, get tracked through the house and begins to melt. I am left wiping water puddles off the floor.
Maybe they come back in 10 minutes after they left. Maybe they come in to go "potty" and the whole process of removing and redressing begins again.
My Beloved and I suggest going out early in the day when the sun is out and it is warmer. Our children usually decide to go out right before the sun sets.  They have built snowmen, thrown snowballs at each other, find icicles and want to "save" them in our freezer. They sled and explore our woods and bog. We are under at least 2 feet of snow and more is expected to fall later this week.

Once they return to the home, they want hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows and sip it through their favorite straws. They want warm baths, dryer warmed towels and to sit in front of the fireplace when they are done.
Winter takes a lot of work. 
Groundhog day is around the corner. I hope he doesn't see his shadow!


  1. Here in Ct we are buried in snow. Seriously like 6 ft or something ridiculous like that...your home sounds like a spa. I would love to come over...;-)

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. Oh dear..I know that snow is a lot of work..well..ok not really because I have never seen more than maybe an inch in my ummm young life..hehe but it sure sounds like tons of FUN!!

    I do remember my grandmother (she lived in N.Alabama and they actually do get that funny, cold,white wintery stuff....I'll stick to our warm, white sandy stuff..thank you very much)use to make us snow cream. When it started snowing she would sit a bowl on the porch to catch it and then put it in her freezer until we came to visit and then mix it all up..it was soooo gooood!!

    I love you sharing the snow with us though. Chaz will be drooling over it..LOL!!!


  3. Beautiful family you have and children do love the snow but usually for short periods I have 4 grown up children and I remember snow days with fondness...we have had some snow recently and did have some fun with Ruby my partner's daughter out on the toboggan....x

  4. Great tittle/heading for your blog. Love it.

  5. We've just stared another winter storm here. I am telling myself how beautiful it is but my inner brat is whining again. When I was a little girl, it was my deepest fantasy that some day my mother would make us hot chocolate when we came in from the cold. She never did, she wasn't able to be that kind of mother. But you are making warm memories for your children with that warm cocoa, I promise.


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