4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Charlotte and Ben Save the Day!

Sometimes our children amaze me. On this morning a few weeks ago, Charlotte and Ben come calmly downstairs holding Max's space nightlight. Charlotte was holding the nightlight with Ben's pajama bottoms over her arms and hands. It was still hot.
This nightlight has spinned and glowed every night for at least a few years. Early on this morning it decided to burn out. It began smoldering as their bedroom filled with plastic smelling smoke. Charlotte (age 6) says she unplugged it from the wall, Ben had left his pj bottoms on the floor so, she picked them up to use them as potholders. 
They decided to show me and carried the smoldering nightlight downstairs.
I was so proud of them.
I don't think I would have had that kind of insight at age 6
and who knows what could have happened if it kept burning!

They were rewarded for their bravery with new, cool sunglasses.

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  1. Wow, unplugging it was brilliant! Carrying it down a bit more scary to me, but they certainly thought it through and were sensible in executing their plan! Nice work, and definitely mature thinking! (and yup, thank goodness they didn't leave it!)


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