4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

the busy week

This week has been a busy one.  On Tuesday, my dear friend Caragh dropped off two parrots for us to bird-sit. They are beautiful creatures but, so loud and very demanding of attention. Aruba is here in the photo. She is adorable. She loves to dance and play peek-a-boo. She took to my Beloved and loved to sit on his shoulders and nibble (sometimes bite) his ears and neck. 
Boca is the other parrot. He was more shy and took a while to warm up to us. Once he did, he loved to do "kisses" and have his feathers petted. He is a lovely green color with a blue head. 
We worried about the cats initially. They steered clear of these two, noisy birds. Pup-Pup on the other hand loved these birds. He would try to lick any feathers that stuck out of their cages. 

On Saturday, one of my nieces, Ava Kate Howell Warren, flew in to Boston from Virginia. She is 20, looks younger, but has a mature and thoughtful mind. She is a joy to be with. Her precious husband wasn't able to join her this time as he had to work. 
We walked through Boston after parking under the Common and looked for discount tickets at our favorite kiosk across from the Boston Public Library. They weren't selling any for Mary Poppins. 

We walked to the theater district and went into the Boston Opera House. They had matinee tickets for Mary Poppins on sell. We had just enough time to grab a quick lunch before the show started.
The Boston Opera House does not look like anything special from the street. Once inside, the place is magnificent.  It's hard to believe this landmark was closed for over 10 years. It opened it's doors in 1928 and hosted vaudeville. When vaudeville lost it's popularity, it became a place for movies, then concerts and then opera. Financial troubles closed it. Thankfully, it was rescued and restored and the first show performed in the renovated building was The Lion King. 

The interior is lush. Elaborate French Baroque floor-to-ceiling detailing is overwhelming. Everywhere I look, is details of marble, brass, gold leaf, decorative plaster, wall murals and mirrors. The grand staircase is just that, grand.

We settled into our seats and the show began. This production is from Broadway Across America.

Photos are not allowed but, I must say, Ava and I were impressed. 
We even found ourselves wiping tears away at the end.
Bert was played by Nicolas Dromard. Mary Poppins was played by Steffanie Leigh. The supporting cast is phenomenal. The set designs, costumes, music, dancing, singing and acting is top notch. 
After the show, we walked to China Town and ate a light supper at my favorite dim sum restaurant. Winsor Dim Sum Cafe. The wonton soup is hearty and the dim sum is fresh and inexpensive.
The remaining three days of her visit were packed. She helped me sort the playroom and shed stuff the kids just don't play with anymore. We bagged the Panera bread donation for the bread ministry Saturday and Monday night. She joined me Tuesday morning at the ladies Bible Study. She helped me with our Charlotte who got very sick with a high fever and hallucinations. Before we knew it, it was time for her to fly back home.

Our only healthy child, Ben, rode with me to the airport. Pup-Pup demanded riding along too. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Ava. We don't know if we'll be in Boston together again.

On the drive home, I saw Boston in a different light. This is the city where our triplets were born. This is a city that holds so many precious memories for me. I grieve leaving. 

(This is a photo of the Zachem Bridge that Ava took last summer)

I came home to three sick children. Charlotte with a high fever. Into the cool bath she went.

Grant was sent home early from school with a high fever and a bad cough. 

Max with the same. 

I'm not feeling well either. I suffer with scoliosis and spina bifida occulta and today sciatic nerve pain is almost unbearable. 
I look forward to Spring when we can open up the windows and enjoy the fresh air. I look forward to this next journey although I will miss the one I'm in right now.

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