4 Golden Eggs

4 Golden Eggs
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meeting the Kindergarten Teacher

We had the "meet and greet" yesterday. Of course, Benjamin blushed when Mrs. Wholey knelt down to introduce herself to him. In that moment, I saw him fall in love with his kindergarten teacher. Do you see the look on Elijah-Max's face? It's priceless. Mrs. Wholey is that perfect blend of Mary Poppins and fashionista. She is adorable. I remember feeling this way about my kindergarten teacher Miss Douglas. She wore blue eyeshadow and powder blue suits. I always thought she had just stepped off of a Pan-Am airplane. She could balance books on her head. I don't remember her kneeling down to greet me. I do remember finger painting and standing in line to recite the numbers zero to one hundred and feeling petrified. I went to the back of the line a number of times until I got it right.
Our trio found their cubbies and coat "closets" with their own names on apples in them.
They found out that there will be a Guinea pig furry love in the classroom next week and this said furry love will live in the classroom the whole school year!
The theme for this week is "Wild, Wild West". Their bus info was laminated on cowboy boots strung on yarn. They will wear these this week to and from school so as to not end up on the wrong bus.
We had about 40 minutes to look over the classroom and find important things like the bathroom and the teacher. They are excited and talkative about tomorrow; the first real day of school. They get to ride the bus!
How can it be that in a few small moments our little preemies went from babies to big kids?!

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